Pillars of Franchising -David Kajganich - Buffalo Wild Wings Franchisee and Eagle Status Performance

David Kajganich, Eagle Status Performance LLC and  the first Buffalo Wild Wings franchisee and partner in 7 locations across Ohio.

Original Franchisee of Buffalo Wild Wings (known then as BW-3), first location opened in July 1992. Opened three locations in the first three years. Current partner of seven locations in Ohio.

It hasn’t always been easy. The first few years we thought we had everything in place to continue to grow and thrive…except…we didn’t. Eventually, everything came crashing down. We were faced with the closing of several of the restaurants, we had no income, were deep in debt, our house was in foreclosure, our teenage kids’ college funds and our retirement funds were liquidated. We were faced with the prospect of having to turn around the only restaurant we had remaining – one that had just lost $250,000 and had debt of over two million dollars! It was two hours away from being padlocked and closed for good. Two hours away from being homeless and wondering how we were going to feed the kids. Talk about devastating. Talk about pressure!

It was during this time that I eventually learned the lessons and techniques that propelled us to success in turning this restaurant around. Because of those lessons, I can help others avoid what we went through. That’s really what it’s all about, because a life is not important, except in the impact it has on others.

Now, I help business owners build high performing management teams that improve both manager and employee performance in areas of increases profitability, reducing employee turnover and improving team performance, relationships, attitudes and morale. Eagle Status Performance focuses on providing the model of human behavior, communication and persuasion skills training, as well as rapid results performance coaching.

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Pillars of Franchising -David Kajganich - Buffalo Wild Wings Franchisee and Eagle Status Performance

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