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Daniel Stein


At the age of four, Daniel Stein was diagnosed with a learning disability, and the doctor said that his only options were medication and therapy. He struggled in school to make friends and got bullied for being “different.” In middle school, his parents got him a gym membership to the YMCA. He started exercising, and it changed his life. By the age of 21, he was diagnosed with a mood disorder and autoimmune disease. Not only did exercise change his life; it gave him the strength and confidence to live an independent and abundant life as he took control of his future.

As a result of his own challenges, he felt a deep calling to help others with mental and physical challenges experience abundant life through health and fitness.

In 2016, we started Special Strong in North Texas, which provides adapted fitness personal training and group classes for individuals with disabilities, diseases, and disorders

In 2019, we had a video go viral of a young man named Brandon walking for the first time in over eight years. The video had over 150 million worldwide views, and we were featured on dozens of news outlets. They received hundreds of requests to bring our services to other states and countries.
They quickly realized the global need to expand our services, so  developed one of the most affordable gym franchises in the world.

Today, we continue to expand Special Strong to other markets through our Special Strong franchise owners. We desire to see the Special Strong movement in every state and multiple countries around the world.

Visit specialstrong.com or watch the podcast below to learn more about our services and franchise opportunities.

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pillars of franchising-special strong

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