Carolyn Thurston – CEO Wisdom Senior Care

Carolyn Thurston is the Franchisor of Wisdom Senior Care which was established in 2016 with the vision to build a network of successful wisdom Business Owners in the home care industry.

Carolyn and her team strongly believe that our older population is full of Wisdom and deserves to be kept in the comfort of their homes with compassionate care. This mission can be achieved with the Faith of sharing proven systems. She is sharing her experiences, successes with like-minded and compassionate individuals around unbreakable core values. Wisdom Senior Care is driven by the quality of its franchisees thriving to keep more seniors happy. Her personal mission is to get more women to follow her footsteps.

Growing up Carolyn had the opportunity to travel the world with her family as her father was in the United States Air Force, she had the opportunity to experience many cultures which she feels grew her love for the senior population, she developed a desire to assist seniors with the realization there life is not over, they can and are a valued to the next generation, she sensed at a young age people should have the ability to stay in their homes or with their family and not feel they have to be placed somewhere forgotten.

Carolyn became shy having to be the new person in the class every year. She started going to the library to find self help books to improve herself. This process helped her  to have faith in herself when others did not or when her high school counselor asked her what she wanted to do after graduating. She told her counselor she wanted to be a nurse. Her counselor said “No You don’t have the grades for that you should be a secretary”.  She told her counselor “No I will be a Nurse”.  At age 16, Carolyn shared with her mother that she wanted to open a daycare for the elderly so that adult children could go to work and assure their loved one was in a safe place, socializing and the name of the daycare would be Wisdom,  Her mother  said “You can definitely do that”.

Carolyn completed High School at Lakenheath England and then came back to the united states to start the journey of becoming a Registered Nurse, in this process she learned that people can have plans but life may take them another way to get to the end result. She was introduced to an ecommerce business that helped her to develop personally and professionally. She received her BA degree from North Carolina Central University and her BSN degree from Winston Salem state university. After graduating from College with her nursing degree ,passing the nursing boards and starting a new job and getting married all in the same month occurred just the beginning of how she likes to do many things at one time. She wanted to work in the home health industry but she had completed a year in a hospital setting on a medical surgical floor. She had her First Daughter Jasmine and then came a decision that she had to make, should she stay home or go back to work, this was a struggle for her until she prayed and her direction was made clear. The opportunity to work with Liberty Home health company as the Director of office operations for nine years During this time her 2nd Daughter Moriah was born. and then she was introduced to the home care industry where she  had found her passion and the opportunity to develop Wisdom occurred in 2006.

Pillars of Franchising - Wisdom Senior CareThe start of Wisdom Senior Care  was great she found her area and clients were no problem finding. She had one missing ingredient and that was a team to support and assist with the growth of the vision. After many years of trial and error and learning the hard way she was able to start the process of finding others who wanted to be part of the vision.

Carolyn always had the for-sight to see where there is a problem there is a solution, She was always coming up with business ideas like the development of Wisdom health academy which was developed out of a need of not finding Certified Nursing Assistance. They started to explore what they could do to assure all our caregivers were trained and Wisdom Health Academy was established. Pillars of Franchising - Carolyn Thurston

2009 Carolyn had the opportunity to become one of three persons to teach the one day state mandated home care provider course for the state of North Carolina for anyone who has never owned or operated a home care agency. This gave her the opportunity to assist over 200 potential business owners get started but she would have a large percentage calling back needing additional support.

Carolyn Thurston Charles Thurston Fred McMurray IFA 2019

Charles Thurston, Carolyn Thurston Fred McMurray at IFA 2019

Pillars of Franchising - Carolyn Thurston - 2019 Client of the Year award from the Women's Business Center of North Carolina

Carolyn Thurston winning the 2019 Client of the Year award from the Women’s Business Center of North Carolina

Pillars of Franchising - Wisdom Senior Care franchisees

Wisdom Senior Care franchisees

Pillars of Franchising - 2019 Client of the Year award from the Women's Business Center of North Carolina

2019 Client of the Year award from the Women’s Business Center of North Carolina












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