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Mr. Ricketts leads the Development Team for Mighty Dog Roofing. Most recently, he managed the franchise finance market channel for a national lender. Prior to his time in finance he worked in development and operations with several service based franchise brands.

Pillars of Franchising - Turp Ricketts of UniFi EquipmentTurp Ricketts ran the franchise vertical for UniFi Equipment Finance and has a background in franchise development. Each program Turp develops is based on the specific needs of the franchisees based on input from the franchisor and franchise counsel. UniFi’s goal for each program is to increase long term profits for the franchisees, while protecting and growing the franchise base.

Turp’s two favorite parts about working in the franchise space are having the ability to connect with entrepreneurs in multiple business segments and attending national conferences. Especially when they are somewhere sunny!





UniFi Equipment Finance

UniFi Equipment

UniFi Equipment Finance formerly, Ervin Leasing provides superior service with a variety of lease plans on virtually all types of commercial equipment. We have earned a reputation for service and integrity. Our lease representatives are experienced professionals in the leasing industry and the equipment markets they serve. UniFi,Ervin Leasing has been a proud member of the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA) since our inception in 1978.

In January 2013, Ervin Leasing was acquired by Bank of Ann Arbor, a community bank based in Ann Arbor serving Washtenaw and Western Wayne counties. Bank of Ann Arbor’s substantial liquidity provides the funding for Ervin’s projected growth. The two companies share a mission for quality service, strong credit culture and a commitment to build our communities.

UniFi FAQ:

How do I obtain a payoff quote?
    • To obtain a payoff quote, we ask that you to e-mail buyout@teamunifi.com. Please allow up to 48 hours for processing. Please provide your complete name, phone number, email, lease contract number and business name.
What is the documentation / processing fee on my first invoice?
    • This fee offsets some of the administrative costs with processing the transaction.
Will I get a copy of my lease?
    • Yes, UniFi Equipment Finance will mail you an executed copy of the lease along with a welcome letter. You may request a copy of your Lease/Rental Agreement or other documents via phone 1.734.332.5993, Fax 1.800.968.2808 or e mail cs@teamunifi.com.
How do I change the billing or billing address on my account?
Will I be charged a late fee?
    • If a payment is received after a five day grace period a late fee will be assessed according to the terms of the lease contract.
Will I have to pay property taxes?
    • In accordance with the regulations of the taxing authority where the equipment is located, UniFi, as owner of the equipment, is required to report this equipment for personal property tax assessment. Per the terms of your contract, you are required to reimburse us for taxes assessed.
Does UniFi Equipment Finance provide insurance?
    • As stipulated in the lease contract or rental contract, you are required to maintain insurance against loss, theft, damage, or destruction of the asset. Many customers utilize the convenient insurance program offered by UniFi Equipment Finance via American Lease Insurance (“ALI”).ALI Customer Service Phone Number for UniFi: 888.330.9210
      Insurance Document Submission (e-mail): evidence@aliac.biz
      Insurance Document Submission (fax): 888.228.8430
      Customer Service Email: customerservice@aliac.biz
      Website: www.aliac.net
What if my equipment doesn’t work?
    • UniFi provides financing for your equipment. If you have a maintenance issue, you may contact your supplier or a reputable dealer for repairs. UniFi does not offer maintenance or service. Repairs and maintenance are at your expense.
Can I terminate my lease?
    • All of our contracts are non-cancelable. You may request a buyout of your lease by contacting the the payoff department at buyout@teamunifi.com. Please allow up to 48 hours for processing. Please provide your complete name, phone number, email, lease contract number and business name.
Can I return the equipment if I no longer need or want it?
  • All contracts are non-cancelable. You may request a payoff or if you know of a company with an interest in the equipment, they may contact UniFi to assume the remainder of your contract. Any lease assumption is subject to credit approval by UniFi Equipment Finance.
  • If you have a question that isn’t covered above, feel free to call us at 1.734.332.5993


Contact UniFi at:

UniFi Equipment Finance
3893 Research Park Dr.
Ann Arbor, MI 48108
Phone: 800.748.0015
Fax: 800.968.2808


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