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Ron Silberstein CPA CFE, CEO Bud’s Place Franchising, LLC , Chief Value-adder/Consultant at Alron Group, LLC, Founder of FranCPA, PLLC

Ron Silberstein is  a Certified Franchise Executive. He works with clients that need a consultant that has expertise in operations and/or finance/accounting/auditing. His professional experience includes managing partner of a high-growth CPA firm that specialized in audits of public companies and franchise companies, and 4 1/2 years as CFO and Chief Administrative Officer of a group of companies with a public parent.


FranCPA, PLLC has unique real-world business and franchising experience that helps us provide their privately-held businesses, franchisor and master-franchisee clients with a smoother, more efficient, and less costly audit than other CPA firms. Their success and client satisfaction is largely due to the outstanding service they provide to their clients, the fair fees that they charge, and the high quality experience of their partners and staff. Their real-world experience plus the commitment of their staff to be the best helps them provide their franchise clients with a high quality, client-specific, non-adversarial audit process.

Along with a related CPA firm (common ownership), they have performed more than a thousand audits of client financial statements, which have been accepted by regulators, lenders, and investors for many years. the real-world business experience of their managing member as a 1) director and officer 2) CFO 3) COO and 4) Chief Administrative Officer help them provide the client with a better, smoother, more timely audit (as well as other services) as they have experienced both sides of the table and understand the challenges and opportunities that the client may be facing or may be anticipating in the future.

In addition to providing audit services to privately-held businesses, franchisors and master-franchisees, their consulting services can also add value.  For example, their principal member recently assisted a client obtain materially better terms in a master franchise agreement it was negotiating – and that improvement in terms can help that client save hundreds of thousands of dollars over the future plus help it maintain control of its concept and system.  In short – they do what they say they’ll do when they say they’ll do it for the fees that they said they would charge.

Pillars of Franchising - Ron Silberstein - FranCPA

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