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Peggy Niles is a business consultant who provides strategic planning and execution to achieve business growth, profitability and goals.

Peggy Niles believes there is a great deal of value in treating your business similar to a strategic game where you look at the five key components of your business and make sure they fit well together in the overall scheme, allowing you to run your business in a proactive method.

Too often businesses reach a level of revenue and get stuck there or they run into barriers blocking them from taking their business to the next level. It makes the leadership believe this is as far as they can go. The leadership settles for the status quo. Peggy always asks “Why not challenge the status quo?”

Peggy has:

  • Helped business owners put up to 37% more in their own pocket;
  • Streamlined processes and resolved operational issues to create more efficiency;
  • Increased company profitability up to 80%;
  • Written business plans to build their businesses and/or obtain working lines-of-credit or loans;
  • Helped businesses with asset acquisitions up to $1.1 billion;
  • Increased company revenue up to 86%.

Peggy helps growth minded business owners generate greater success and freedom using her “Going beyond the Numbers” approach. This systematic method uncovers a business’ blind spots and creates strategies to strengthen an owner’s business and achieve their goals. When Peggy begins work with her clients she performs an in depth assessment of the overall health of the business – looking at the 5 core elements of the business and talking with the owner to understand their intentions for the business.

Being a CPA allows Peggy to focus more on the financial data and dive deeper than your typical consultant or coach. Combining the numbers with the operational knowledge creates more of an impact on a business’ profitability. The process helps the entire team stay accountable and focused on the steps that will move your business forward.

Peggy provides the business owner with easy to understand analyses and actionable steps to improve their cash flow, put more money in their pocket, get the team on the same page and allow them more time to do what they love. She helps you achieve your vision on your timeline.

With over 30 years of experience Peggy strives to help business owners gain more confidence in the direction their company is headed with strategies specific to them for business growth and profits.

She has a wealth of experience with industries such as health/wellness, service, hospitality, real estate, venture capital, retail, and the like, including franchises in the fitness and senior home care groups. Pillars of Franchising - Peggy Niles

Before starting Accounting & Business Concepts, Inc. 15 years ago Peggy worked in both the public accounting and corporate world, with a focus on accounting and tax. She has also participated in project management, HR and management aspects of her employers. What she was building was the experience and knowledge to help her future clients achieve their dreams.

It started with obtaining both a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a master’s degree in taxation from DePaul University. In between, she became a Certified Public Accountant. One of the most important things Peggy can stress was that she defines herself as not the typical accountant. Although she does like numbers, she gets excited about everything business and just as important, the stories of how and why her clients are where they are. She also learned there really are no two businesses that are the same. This is the reason she focuses on more than the accounting, and instead focuses on the entire business.
When she passed the CPA exam her boss told her “Now forget everything you learned in school and don’t ask me questions; just do what I tell you.” Considering she wasn’t that stereotypical accountant she instead continued to ask questions and learn everything she could so that someday she could give her clients great advice and have their best interests in mind. Peggy continues to challenge the status quo today, and more so she challenges her clients as well.

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