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Lorri Wyndham, Franchise Manager, Smart Drinks

Lorri Wyndham is the franchise manager for Smart Drinks, an emerging franchise brand out of Houston Texas. Lorri has been with Smart Drinks since 2018. 

She started her career in Franchising in 2003 when she joined ICED supporting their family of franchises, including Kwik Kopy, Parcel Plus and Computer Explorers, becoming Vice-President of Computer Explorers in 2016. 

When she is not working you can find her listening to books, bragging about her children or up to her elbows in LEGO with her Grandson. 

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pillars of franchising-smart drinks

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​Franchising on the Go with Smart Drinks' Lorri Wyndham Broadcast Date: September 16 , 2021 Broadcast Time : 5:00p EST ...

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