Kristin Selmeczy,  Owner of Molly Maid Bloomingdale

Kristin Selmeczy,  Owner of Molly Maid Bloomingdale, Ice hockey mom, PTA President

Kristin Selmeczy has 3 kids,  balances 2 hockey teams, in house baseball and travel baseball.  She is a PTA President for one school and PTA chair for another.  There is non-stop year round action in her home.  Upon having had her second child and getting stuck in a horrible snow storm during his first winter she swore she would give up my corporate career and do something different… something that would allow her to spend time with kids kids and volunteer .

Kristin Selmeczy found a franchise broker who analyzed  her skill set,  resources and the lifestyle she wanted.  With analysis in hand, she started interviewing different companies and franchisees and found that Molly Maid checked all of the boxes!

Kristin Selmeczy finds being a busy mom and owning a business can certainly be challenging but she finds that it is also the most rewarding!  Everything you do impacts your family.  You can determine how much is too much for the week. One of the keys is smart hiring of talented staff.

One thing that Kristin Selmeczy has always believed is that doing business in a community means to becoming part of the fabric of that community.  This is why she actively supports the Ms. Molly Foundation.  The Ms. Molly Foundation supports victims of Domestic Violence.  Kristin feels so good to donate a portion of every clean to help those in need.  She feels good knowing that her teams do great work and for a great cause!  When she needs a dose of good cheer, she heads over to see her kids at the Elementary School.  Thru her efforts new playground toys and new bulletin boards and been purchased. She love the hugs the kids give her when they see her.



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