Harrison Young II, Owner, Molly Maid of Greater Austin, Greater Albuquerque, and Greater Tulsa

Harrison Young II, Owner, Molly Maid of Greater Austin, Molly Maid of Greater Albuquerque, and Molly Maid of Greater Tulsa

Harrison Young has owned and operated two franchises.  Currently, he is a multi-unit franchisee of the Dwyer Group owning the Molly Maid of Greater Austin franchise since 1995 and has grown to over $5.0 million in annual sales operating a fleet of 80 cars with 50 teams and 120 employees.  He also owns and operates Molly Maid of Greater Albuquerque with sales of $2 Million, Molly Maid of Bell / Coryell County ($1M in sales), Molly Maid of NE San Antonio and New Braunfels ($1.1M in sales), and most recently purchased Molly Maid of Greater Tulsa ($500,000 in sales).

As a Molly Maid Franchisee Mr. Young has: Pillars of Franchising - Molly Chronicles- Molly Maid owner

  • Been awarded the Don Dwyer Excellence Award (the most exclusive ad prestigious award given by the Dwyer Group)
  • Twice been awarded the Shining Star Award (Franchisee of the year)
  • Won the growth incentive award 21 times
  • Been the top sales leader for the last 15 years
  • Served on the Franchise Advisory Council (2 Times), the National Marketing Committee (3 Times), the Key Metrics Committee (eight years), and the Technology Committee (6 years).
  • Developed numerous system enhancements that are in use today.

From 1985 to 1995 he owned and operated a Dunhill Personnel franchise in Virginia achieving numerous awards for fastest growth and highest sales.

Mr. Young has over 40 years of broad-based domestic and international management experience at the corporate, division, subsidiary, and major program level.  He has been President and CEO or COO of six companies (including two publicly traded) ranging in size from $3 million to $13.6 Billion in annual sales and has held 11 board memberships (including two publicly traded firms).  Additionally, he has extensive marketing, sales, operations, and financial experience in the United States, UK, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific region.

In 2005 Mr. Young accepted a temporary assignment as President of Molly Maid, Inc. in Ann Arbor, Michigan until a permanent President could be found at which time he returned to his own business two later.

In addition to operating his Molly Maid franchise, Harry joined Ultra Electronics Advanced Tactical Systems as their CEO in 1994 and led that company for 10 years on a growth path from $1 million to over $50 million in annual sales developing and implementing tactical air defense and command, control, computer, communications and intelligence processing systems for the military.

Before joining Ultra, Mr. Young served as President and CEO of two different publicly traded companies (One with Sales of $13 Billion and the other with sales of $800 Million) each specializing in Industrial Automation Systems Integration, a world-class provider of commercial systems integration solutions specializing in the industrial automation solutions wireless technology products, tactical flight planning systems, engineering services, software development, and facilities management to the Department of Defense and other federal, regional, and foreign government agencies, as well as to large commercial clients.

Mr. Young is credited with the successful turnaround from large inherited losses prior to his arrival at one company to profitability and growth as a technology and engineering services provider.  He directed the development of a growth plan that strengthened and focused marketing and sales activities and provided the impetus for $800 million in new business wins in its first two years.

In 1973 Mr. Young founded and served eleven years as President and Chief Operating Officer of Atlantic Analysis Corporation, a defense contractor providing software development and engineering services to DOD, NATO, and commercial clients with a primary emphasis in developing and testing Anti-Submarine and Air Defense systems.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Young served as a systems analyst and programmer primarily in Air Defense programs in both industry and all four Military Services.  In addition to his undergraduate degree in business with extensive studies in computer science and mathematics, he received an International MBA from the University of Leicester in the U.K. in 1993.  He has held offices in the American Management Association, the Instrumentation Society of America, the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association, and the National Contract Management Association.

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