BlastPoint enables franchisors to leverage big data in every stage of growth and every aspect of their business. From territory design and management to prospecting and customer analysis to local marketing and franchise sales. BlastPoint’s innovative, state-of-the-art technology provides a holistic approach to making data-driven business decisions, by combining your internal insights with an ocean of external data sources. Pillars of Franchising sponsor - Blastpoint

BlastPoint has helped many franchise systems understand who their target customers are, where they are, and how to reach them. Our franchisors have integrated the BlastPoint system into their site selection, marketing, sales, and hiring processes. Our system dynamically adapts to your franchise system, whether you are micro-emerging or established with hundreds of units.

BlastPoint’s patent-pending technology, which is a spinoff from Carnegie Mellon University’s world-renown data research labs, is already helping over 100 organizations grow their business.

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Blastpoint COO – Tomer Borenstein


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