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Michele Rempel, Founder and Managing Partner of Mediavine Marketing. Mediavine Marketing has been personalizing and localizing marketing campaigns for successful franchisees since 2010. Mediavine Marketing your franchise

Mediavine Marketing simplifies social media for businesses through training, consulting and management, and our goal is to minimize your time spent and maximize your results. We also design and build websites for small businesses using the WordPress content management system. We love WordPress for its ease of use for our clients as well as its flexibility and SEO “friendliness.”​

As a business owner or leader, you want to get the simplified data and find out what works and what doesn’t. You also want to use social media to produce more leads and more business. That’s where Mediavine Marketing shines.

Your story, products, services and value create the content that we help you release out into the world using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogging, and more. My team and I have spent many hours testing to get results, both from the technology side as well as the marketing angle. We are here to train you, consult with you and even manage your digital presence for you.

Mediavine Marketing also offers social media and CRM consulting and account management. Businesses outsource many of their essential functions such as human resources and payroll. Outsourcing at least a portion of their social media marketing to an experienced company is also a smart move.

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