Nat Truitt – Helping executives have more control of their lives and start businesses.

Nat Truitt – Helping executives have more control of their lives and start businesses.

When Nat Trutt was a kid, if you didn’t do it right, his dad would say, “Tear it down and do it again.” His Dad was a hard working, no nonsense bricklayer and an entrepreneur. At a super young age, Hewas on jobs with him building a lot of houses. They would build chimneys and walls. They would roll up to the job, and have to figure out how to tackle the project. There was something really fulfilling about the hard work. He could point to the wall and say, “I built that.” And there was the very real possibility it would be there for a long, long time so you had to take pride in your work.

Nat also had two Grandpa’s, both WWII guys. Those guys can make anything work with duct tape! So between his Dad and his Grandpas, he emerged from his childhood with the mentality, “You do what has to be done, you do it right, and you live or die by your decisions” – It’s a rugged individualism. By the time he was 15, He was making money as a bricklayer myself; it’s how he put myself through college.

After college, he worked in construction, doing project management, and he became really frustrated hearing “You’re not being paid to think. Just do it.” And then in 2001, He was trying to find a caregiver for his wife’s grandmother, and he stumbled across an ad for a franchise that helps home bound seniors. It looked like a great opportunity for Nat to own his own business, like his father did, where he was paid to think, and where he would do live or die by his own decisions, so he went for it and he loved it. Nat was able to build a million dollar senior care business in 3 years and later sell it. He discovered that he enjoyed supporting others in achieving their own dreams through franchises.

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