Mitch Cohen, CEO of Performax Franchisee Advisors & Jersey Mike’s Subs franchisee

Mitch Cohen began his franchisee story operating 8 Baskin Robbins, achieving Top 10% in the chain.  He became the 1st Baskin Robbins franchisee to become a Dunkin Donuts Multi-Unit operator with 13 franchise locations in New York. He chaired the Baskin Robbins Advisory Council and led successful profit building initiatives in the franchisee community.

Today, Mitch is responsible for the development of 5 Jersey Mike Subs locations in Long Island, NY all of which currently are out performing the system average.

Past Franchise Relations Co-Chair and Current Board Member of International Franchise Association.

Currently the CEO of 365 Engagement Consulting.

Mitch was awarded the Long Island Business News Corporate Citizenship Nonprofit for the Year award 2015, for his work as co-chair of the Joy in Childhood Foundation leading efforts to raise $5 million annually.

Mitch is a founding partner of Performax Franchisee Advisors. Performax is a team of experienced multi-unit franchisees who provide authentic, operator-focused strategies to improve franchisee performance, engagement and trust.

System growth relies on two outcomes: The best performers can and will produce even better results and under performers can be led to reengage in operational standards and quickly improve. When even the smallest part of a system falls below acceptable operating standards, the BRAND suffers, and relationships are tested.

When the franchisor follows the three strikes formula to force compliance, the trust relationship can be broken and the chance for improvement is slowed while the odds for litigation increase. PerforMax’ unique solutions focus on leading the best franchisees to even better results, and assisting underachievers in rebuilding high performing operations with positive attitudes about performance expectations.

Performax’ Inside Out approach is different: Their team puts boots on the ground at the unit level and builds a workout plan with the franchisee from their vantage point. They construct a bridge with the franchisee that will lead to improved results and establish a winning attitude if the operator is willing to dig in and work.

Phase I: Franchisee Audit and Assessment

  • •Two-day Xplore Session with Brand Executives
  • •Franchisee Discovery Day with Brand-Selected Participants

Phase II: Discovery Review

  • Summary of Findings
  • Bottom Tier Workout Regimen
  • Top Tier Maximization Plan

Phase III: 90-Day Franchisee Fitness Program Implementation

Uses next level techniques to build a routine that both maintains improvements and creates a powerful toolbox to use as the unit builds on foundational operational execution methods.
Performax performax one sheet

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Guest appearances by Mitch:

Topic: Molly Maid - A New Era of growth for franchisees of Neighborly and beyond.  Broadcast Date: April 25th, 2019 ...

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