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Mike and Laura Pierce – Network in Action Franchisee 

Mike and Laura Pierce worked hard in Corporate America.  They soon realized there was not any job security and they were mostly limited to how much they can make a year.  Most importantly, they were not building an asset – no one from management was going to hand them a check for building “the company” when they left.

This dynamic duo has been in franchising for almost 20 years.  They have both served on Franchise Advisory Councils, have owned 3 different franchise systems, are franchise brokers plus are currently working on the franchisor side in operations with an emerging brand.  Each of these experiences, they have learned that there is so much more to learn about franchising.  Franchising is not just a process, service, or a product, but a community where culture and fit should play a larger role.  As they have journeyed through franchising, they are excited to share their experiences so that they can help others find their franchise fit.

Fit means helping candidates understand and work through the risks associated with going into business – franchises can fail too, however, if you follow the system you will increase your odds of success.  They will spend the time necessary to help their prospects make the right decisions about going into business. Helping people through the process from discovery, financing, and due diligence is a long and sometime complicated process – we hope to make it easy.  

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Pillars of Franchising - Network in Action - Mike and Laura Pierce

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