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Jesse James Leyva, President/Founder Outlaw Fitcamp

Jesse James Leyva created Outlaw FitCamp with a specific vision in mind. As an expert in the fitness industry for over twenty years, our founder, Jesse James Leyva recognized the need for an ideal, personalized fitness environment for a broader range of clientele. He conceptualized an experience in which every client, regardless of age, size, shape, level of fitness, or range of desired weight loss could achieve their goals in a facility where they feel like they belong, because they do! At Outlaw FitCamp one of our goals is to bring an unparalleled level of comfort in a fitness facility to everyone that walks through our doors.  

This level of enlightenment did not happen overnight.  

Jesse rose from the ground up to become where he is today, from a teenager overcoming hardships in a rough part of the San Fernando Valley outside of Los Angeles, to being recognized as Denton County’s Best Personal Trainer and owner of the Best Weight-Loss Center and Best Personal Training Facility for the past seven years in a row.  

When Jesse moved from California to Texas in the early nineties, he turned to the gym for a hobby that quickly became a passion after entering the bodybuilding scene. This is when Jesse truly began to learn the correlation between results and combining weight training, proper nutrition, sacrifice, and hard work. Jesse was so successful at bodybuilding competitions (He even won Mr. Texas in 2010!), he began to train and coach others. Thus, beginning his love for helping people with their fitness goals and the foundation for his life-long career.  

While Jesse was training and coaching bodybuilders, he slowly began training more and more people from outside the fitness industry to achieve their weight-loss goals and found that helping and watching someone completely change their life was incredibly fulfilling. Jesse, being raised by a single mother, found particular joy in empowering women as he helped them learn their own strengths and reach their personal goals. This opened his eyes to the great need for a fitness facility that catered to each and every person’s individual needs, a different experience from the existing big box fitness centers in the area.  

Jesse and his personal training business thrived using his ability to instill passion, discipline, hard-work, and a love for fitness into thousands of clients over the years by recognizing that fitness is not just for the body, it is also for the mind. For example, at Outlaw FitCamp, we not only encourage couples to work out together, we train your spouse for free. Why? Because we grew to recognize the benefit of couples growing, learning, changing, empowering, and achieving their goals together and saw that it brought them closer together. In return, our customer retention became better than ever.   

Over more than two decades, Jesse has experimented with several different fitness business models, developing upon the strengths and learning from the weaknesses of each and every one, perfecting the model of Outlaw FitCamp we use today. During this time, he became not only an expert in the fitness industry but developed outstanding skills as a successful businessman as well, turning Outlaw FitCamp into a franchise that currently has seven locations, with more on the way.  

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