Jane Kostiw, UPS Store 4581 Co-Owner, Jane of All Trades.

Jane Kostiw, UPS Store Co-Owner San Luis-Obispo UPS Store 4581, is a Jane of all trades, master of none. She never find herself bored. She loves to explore new things, expand products and services, establish initial training and then move on. She tends to think outside the box and yet appreciate having the box there to ground my efforts and my focus. She has a big picture mentality frequently seeing a completed project before figuring out how to get there. Figuring out how to get there then becomes a challenge that drives her to come up with new ways of doing things, anticipate road bumps, talk with experts and forge plans. That excites her. She is  very detailed and better oriented toward end-results rather than performing specific functions.

She works with her husband and an amazing staff of contributors who assist her in running The UPS Store 4581. They are a small business resource center offering back office solutions such as printing and graphic design, shipping, receiving, notary and an actual street address right here on Broad Street for less than $1.00 per day. They connect with small business owners to help enhance their ability to succeed. They build relationships of trust, respect and reliability. They offer quality products and services and they do it all for a fair price. Brent Kostiw - UPS Store on Pillars of Franchising

At The UPS Store 4581 their initial goal was to increase sales and tighten up processes in the store after closing the Coffeehouse. Jane took over marketing strategies and mail room operations. With the right staff in the right positions, operations in check and a goal of 10% growth she began her mission. The results to date show that since 2008 they have substantially increased sales and are currently looking at an additional 10% increase for 2016. Pretty good eh? She has also been charged with expanding our product and services base. She just loves it; researching new equipment, presenting it to their team, determining their ROI and further expanding the product and service options they can use to assist their customers. They have added Live Scan Fingerprinting, a print production room, three production digital copy machines and finishing equipment, a graphic designer and print assistant.

It has been exciting to serve their community, watching their customers business grow and adding to the ways they are able to come along side them as they do it. What is is worth to work with my husband? Priceless.

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