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Dori Roberts Stewart

Dori Roberts Stewart went from high school STEM teacher, to building a multi-million-dollar, global company, Dori Roberts Stewart has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. Her expertise in business, franchising, and marketing makes this powerhouse entrepreneur a valuable resource for anyone looking to boost their own brand. She dedicates her time to consulting with and educating others in the areas she has mastered after more than a decade of hard work.

Dori’s journey began as a high school engineering teacher. She was looking for new ways to engage kids from an early age in STEM studies, when she realized she could create her own curriculum. What started out as a project with her kids turned into a lucrative business, with inquiries from around the world. She turned this new business into a booming franchise company. After reaching more than 165 locations in 35 countries, and a reach of more than 1 million students, she sold her business in 2020.

Over the years she has received numerous awards in recognition her accomplishments, including the

2014 Brava Award Winner by Smart CEO Magazine, and she was listed as one of The Most Creative People in Business 2016 by Fast Company Magazine. She has also been featured on Fox News and CNN Money, as well as in Forbes, Kiplinger Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal.

Being a self-taught success, Dori is a firm believer in pursuing your passions even when others may doubt your vision. She tells everyone she works with that by using the strengths, values, talents and interests you already possess, you can discover the right opportunity for your life. With her deep understanding of business, franchising, and marketing, Dori knows as your consultant she can guide you to the best plan of action to excel.

In addition to her one-on-one sessions, you can also learn from Dori’s insights by following the She Turned Entrepreneur Podcast. This engaging show encourages women to achieve their goals of entrepreneurship with real-world examples and insights.

No matter where you’re starting from, Dori has walked in your shoes and can help lead you to your goals. With supportive motivation and personal understanding, you can begin your journey on the right path to success.

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