Chris Mangum – A Franchise-ist


Chris Mangum – The story of a Franchise-ist

Chris has done everything. he started working for a franchised location of Mail Boxes Etc. back in the 1990s and eventually went on to work for the Corporate office of UPS. They bought Mail Boxes Etc. and created the brand The UPS Store. He was on the ground as an operations consultant during this incredible time which was an amazing learning experience. They rebranded 4,000 stores in a matter of weeks and turned the industry upside down. Shortly after, UPS competitor FedEx bought Kinkos to match the new retail landscape UPS created. Looking back on that time he realizes how it shaped what he’s doing now working for a major partner to the franchising industry serving them with all kinds of insurance, risk management and business operations solutions. People always ask him, are you a Franchisor or a Franchisee? His reply, “I tell them I’m both and neither …. I’m a Franchise-ist”


October 4th, 2018  – How has franchising changed from past to present. What does the future look like?


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