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Carlos Gomez

Carlos has extensive experience performing and managing contract compliance audits in various industries. He has conducted engagements throughout the world including Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, South America, Mexico, and Canada. His engagements have included intellectual property audits, royalty audits, profit participation/distribution audits (film, music, & book), merchandising revenue audits, software asset management audits, software end-user license review, vendor audits, franchise compliance audits, construction audits, and joint venture audits. His knowledge of the licensing and franchising industry standards has aided clients in the recovery of lost revenue, royalties, and fees. His engagements have led to a significant return on investment and recovery of audit costs for his clients. Carlos’ ability to conduct his engagement in a professional and non-adversarial approach has led to higher cooperation from 3rd  parties in completing audits and settlement discussions.

Additionally, his experience includes SOX 404 compliance, process risk assessments, controls evaluation, internal control reviews and implementation, and fraud investigations.

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